About Us

Welcome to the electric chainsaw website.

This website was setup to help you find the right electric chainsaw to meet your needs at the best price.

After needing to buy a chainsaw for a job I was on I started looking around the shops to find one that met my requirements. They were pretty expensive so I decided to check online a few of the models I had seen to see if they were cheaper and indeed they were, in some cases they were over 50% less online!

The only problem was there was not one website that had a list of the best electric chainsaws so I had to go back and forth from site to site. Due to this I decided to start this website to list the best chainsaws available on the market. I also decided to link visitors of this website to the place selling the item at the lowest price to ensure you save even more money.

That was the thinking behind this website and I hope you find it useful in your quest to acquire an electric chainsaw.

Why an electric chainsaw?

Good question!