Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are great for all kinds of cutting and trimming of branches, bushes and wood. These machines can be used in your garden to give it a clean look, allowing you to shape and style it the way you want. So you can now say goodbye to long, tiring hours in the garden trying to cut down trees or prune bushes. All you need is the Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw and you will start enjoying your time spent in the garden or outdoors.

The Bosch AKE 30 is cordless. This removes all the hassles of dragging around heavy chainsaws with wires trailing behind. No longer do you need petrol or gasoline to make your machine work. All you need to do it charge your chainsaw and then walk around with cordless freedom. The battery included in the machine is 36v, making this machine powerful enough to go through 100 cuts through 10 x 10 cm thick softwood after a single complete battery charge.

The Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw has been designed ergonomically with a soft grip for comfort and comfortable handling. The chain gets automatically oiled and comes with an oil indicator to show the levels of oil left. Also included with this Bosch AKE chainsaw is a dual brake system for safety and an improved SDS system for an easy start.

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