Ryobi RCS2040 Electric Chainsaw

The Ryobi RCS2040 Electric Chainsaw is ranked among the popular chainsaws with a chain adjustment that can be done without the use of tools. This makes for a very convenient gadget. It also has a number of product features that make it just the right choice for a lot of users. Take a look at the features that this product offers.

This 240V, 2000W electric chainsaw comes with a 40 cm bar and it weighs 5.2 kg. The total length measures at 75 cm. The chain brake is very fast acting and the lubrication for the chain and the bar is automatic. It has a skip tooth chain and a 10 m cable. The chain pitch is 9.53 mm and the chain gauge is 1.27 mm.

These electric chainsaws have a live tool indicator on it for your safety. It also has a clear view window on its oil tank so you know just how much oil there is in there and when it needs refilling. This is an electric chainsaw that takes everything into consideration – safety, convenience and performance. So on all these counts, this product rates high and this is why it is the choice of so many.

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