Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are great for all kinds of cutting and trimming of branches, bushes and wood. These machines can be used in your garden to give it a clean look, allowing you to shape and style it the way you want. So you can now say goodbye to long, tiring hours in the garden trying to cut down trees or prune bushes. All you need is the Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw and you will start enjoying your time spent in the garden or outdoors.

The Bosch AKE 30 is cordless. This removes all the hassles of dragging around heavy chainsaws with wires trailing behind. No longer do you need petrol or gasoline to make your machine work. All you need to do it charge your chainsaw and then walk around with cordless freedom. The battery included in the machine is 36v, making this machine powerful enough to go through 100 cuts through 10 x 10 cm thick softwood after a single complete battery charge.

The Bosch AKE 30 Cordless Chainsaw has been designed ergonomically with a soft grip for comfort and comfortable handling. The chain gets automatically oiled and comes with an oil indicator to show the levels of oil left. Also included with this Bosch AKE chainsaw is a dual brake system for safety and an improved SDS system for an easy start.

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Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024 Electric Chainsaw

The 240V Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024 Electric Chainsaw comes with a lot of power as you can see from its 2400W motor. This makes it the ideal product when it comes to cutting performance which can go as much as 40 cm. The product is not very heavy – in fact it is quite light considering how powerful it is. It weighs just 4.85 kg and holds 200 ml of oil.

Electric chainsaws should be built for convenience like this one with its front handle which is ergonomically designed and its large size ensures that it stays in a stable position so you can very easily change the bar and the chain. What also makes things easy and convenient is the toll-free chain tension system which the company has patented. Safety is also a big factor when it comes to electric chainsaws and this one has a kick-back as well as a fast stop to ensure accident-free operation.

The Tonino Lamborghini KS 6024 Electric Chainsaw is reinforced with aluminium and this makes the high grade gear last long and it is ideal for professional use as well. The chain lubrication is automatic and this chainsaw comes with an oil level window.

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Ryobi RCS2040 Electric Chainsaw

The Ryobi RCS2040 Electric Chainsaw is ranked among the popular chainsaws with a chain adjustment that can be done without the use of tools. This makes for a very convenient gadget. It also has a number of product features that make it just the right choice for a lot of users. Take a look at the features that this product offers.

This 240V, 2000W electric chainsaw comes with a 40 cm bar and it weighs 5.2 kg. The total length measures at 75 cm. The chain brake is very fast acting and the lubrication for the chain and the bar is automatic. It has a skip tooth chain and a 10 m cable. The chain pitch is 9.53 mm and the chain gauge is 1.27 mm.

These electric chainsaws have a live tool indicator on it for your safety. It also has a clear view window on its oil tank so you know just how much oil there is in there and when it needs refilling. This is an electric chainsaw that takes everything into consideration – safety, convenience and performance. So on all these counts, this product rates high and this is why it is the choice of so many.

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Komate Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are perfect tools for those who like gardening but don’t want to waste time and energy trying to prune their bushes or cut logs. And with the garden electric chainsaw from Komate, you won’t have to spend too much either. These tools are not at all expensive and they are lightweight, durable, inexpensive and very easy to use. So instead of wasting your money in buying expensive garden tools, all you need is one of these chainsaws.

The Komate Electric Chainsaw has a 2400W power motor which makes it powerful and quick. The high wattage of the chainsaw gives you a good chain speed, this ensures fast and smooth cutting of shrubs and trees. This 12.1 m/s chain speed will allow you to fell trees, prune branches and cut logs without getting sweaty and tired. The chain bar of this tool is 40cm long and it has a cable that is 4m long. The chainsaw also has a chunky handle and weighs 6.6kgs.

Electric chainsaws need to be used carefully. Always apply chain oil to the chainsaw before use. It is also necessary to remember to grip the machine properly and make sure that you are wearing protective clothing while using it.

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Black and Decker GK1640KF Electric Chainsaw

The Black & Decker GK1640KF Electric Chainsaw has the power to cut through the heaviest of logs and can prune most tree branches put before it. Although this tool is powerful it is fitted with safety features so even novices can use the GK1640KF safely. These features include a 0.15 second stopping time from a kick-back and a lockable off switch to prevent the saw being started accidentally.

The chain is oiled automatically to improve the cutting experience and increase the lifespan of the device. For extra usability it comes with 12 meters of cable.

If you want a powerful yet safe electric chainsaw this is the one for you!

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Black and Decker GKC1817 Cordless Electric Chainsaw

If you are looking for something a bit smaller than a regular sized chainsaw then this cordless compact rechargeable chainsaw could be the one for you. It is 18 volt and comes with an 8 hour battery charger. The battery gives approximately 150 x 3.5cm cuts per charge which should keep you going for many hours. As well as the convenience of being cordless there is also the safety issue of having no cord to accidently cut through to consider. The Black and Decker GKC1817 Cordless Electric Chainsaw weighs a mere 2.8kg which should allow you to be more agile and accurate with your cutting.

Other features of this electric chainsaw include a lock off safety switch, two handles, an anti kick-back chain and a bar length of 20cm.

If you are looking for something a bit more portable and easy to manage this compact, cordless chainsaw is definitely worth a further look. It comes with the charger, the battery and a two year warranty.

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Silverline 100001 1600 Watt Electric Chainsaw

Another great electric chainsaw from Silverline. This is the model 100001 which came out in around 2007 and is still going strong and selling well.

It is quite a safety focussed saw with large hand grips and a lock off safety switch so is ideal for the more safety conscious of us. It also has a semi-chisel extra-guard chain which is 3/8 of an inch in size.

Despite being laden with safety features it is still powerful enough for logging and cutting down smaller trees with its 1600 watt motor and 405 mm bar.

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Electric Chainsaws

Here are a few of the best electric chainsaws available to buy online at the moment. Click on a chainsaw below to get the full details:

Spear and Jackson 2000W Electric Chainsaw

This electric chainsaw from Spear and Jackson has a great chain speed of 12 m/s and a cracking blade length of 40cm. Features include automatic chain lubrication which saves you the hassle of having to remember to lubricate the clean and also saves you the bother of actually having to lubricating the blade should you remember to do it! It even comes with a bottle of chain oil in the box as well as a two year manufacturer’s guarantee. The cable length is a generous 10m and it weights a mere 5.5kg.

This is a really nice electric chainsaw and definitely worth a further look.

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Silverline Hi-Spec 112113 1600 Watt Chainsaw

Silverline have produced a great electric chainsaw that is capable of logging, pruning branches or felling small trees. It has been designed to be well balanced affording you greater control over the blade when cutting.

The brake is activated mechanically or from inertia giving you lots of control over the chainsaw. The Silverline has an automatic oil supply system and a lock off safety switch.

The engine is powerful with a capacity of 1600 watta and a speed of 660 metres per minute. It comes with a 4 metre cable as well as a spare set of brushes and a few tools for setup.

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